Last year we created a tallboy trophy for Pabst Blue Ribbon for a snowboard competition.

This year they asked for 3 more. 

We tweaked the design a bit and went with a cleaner polished look that really took the tallboy can trophy to the next level - just like the snowboard contest expanding to 3 cities across the country


We designed and build these air drop crate inspired decor and mobile sampling bar items for Amarula.

The 6 branded wooden crates were used as side tables + 2 collapsable branded mobile sampling bars.


Rooftop Agency needed a ton of new desk space in their new office.

We came up with this basic modular design using plywood A-Frames + tops which allowed them to have massive long work areas or small singular desks.


Jägermeister was looking for a new take on their stag head for a bar styling piece.

We created this wooden stag head out of plywood then used their hunting brand colours orange & black to really make it pop!


Audioblood tasked on with creating a custom tradeshow booth for their client Pistonhead Lager.

We designed this reclaimed shipping pallet inspired look that gave them the height + seating required.


Heineken mobile bar - hand painted design on reclaimed barn board. A really fun custom project collab with Rooftop Agency & JBR Designs


Check out this sweet time-lapse we put together for a IOS mini ramp we built in the shop.

Thanks to Brews Willis for the tune & Brent Kore for throwing this awesome edit together.


Jägermeister / Rooftop Agency were so pleased with the coffins we built them last year that they hit us up to help design and create 8 Frankenstein sized electric chairs.

The chairs were used during their 8 official Jägermeister Halloween parties across the country.

Check out the fun gallery with some final photos of the chairs at the parties, one of us in the shop and a few process photos.


We recently got commissioned to create a custom beach sign for Boathouse Stores. We installed the custom sign at the “Boathouse Beach” at Downsview Park for Edgefest 2012.

The materials are bleached out barn boards, salvage posts and the hand painted sign graphics.